got Simtrace to compile

ml at ml at
Fri Dec 17 09:21:35 UTC 2010

I am using the toolchain provided by the summon-arm-toolchain script
from esden.
it uses binutils 2.20, newlib 1.18.0, and gcc 4.5.1

> 1) the --g($DEBUGF) option was not understood; omitting this, made the
> Makefile (for dfu and main) working

I do not get this error

> 2) in /lib/vsprintf.c I had to add #include <limits.h> in order to
> prevent errors related to MAX_INT etc.

I also get this error and solve it the same way

Additionally, I get :
error : uses hardware FP, whereas main_simtrace.elf uses software FP
which I could not get rid off yet.

> Are there any ideas for making a man-in-the-middle SIM device?

I am designing some SIMtrace hardware. I think the schema is almost
finished. I will publish it in the next days and begin with the board if
no one finds an error. I already ordered most of the parts to build the PCB.


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