using BTSAP from layer23

Andreas.Eversberg Andreas.Eversberg at
Mon Aug 23 11:14:17 UTC 2010

i am current writing the sim client for layer23. this client transforms
the read and update requests from layer 3 (imsi read, location update)
into several APDUs to be transferred via BTSAP interface. (interface to
layer 1) here are two questions:

how do i interface to this BTSAP? i see that there is another unix
socket for that. do i need to expand main.c of layer23?

i think that i cannot just start sending APDUs after starting layer23.
there might be something like an initialization sequence before:
- power on
- reset
- get atr
- ...
- send APDU
- receive APDU
- ...
is there a defined sequence or flow chart for that?



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