OsmocomBB, Problem , prospects discussed

Dev Purohit devpurohit19 at yahoo.com
Mon Aug 2 02:36:09 UTC 2010

Hello Peter,
>Please reconsider this position. "once finished" is way too late to
be useful, unless you plan on creating a product that you will sell.

If you want cooperation and feedback from the community then I rather
strongly suggest sharing source code immediately when you start the

Thanks you for your concerns,
But as i have clearly   mentioned that i have implemented Frequency Hoping, 
on DATA communication device ( telemetry on  ISM Band) and Hardware Platform ,communication schemes , protocols and modulation technique were very different, so source can't be integrated with OsmocomBB at this stage , even patching also not that easy i estimated, and most difficult thing is i have very limited knowledge of G.S.M , my mostly  time is consuming to study specifications .. Ohh, very lengthy subject.. anyways , I'm trying to deploy for cyclic FH first , choosing right algorithm. i have no problem or commercial value for sharing my work with great people , but it at least relevant and use full to this project.
I'm neither developing any equipment not planning to sell it..  MatLab is simulation platform and codes cant be implemented in real-time or live environment, also it support TI DSP's long range. so we can debug change to C header after wards.
Kind regards,

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