TODO list / Next project goals

Harald Welte laforge at
Wed Apr 28 18:26:07 UTC 2010


I think we corrently have the following TODO list.

GSM Layer 1:
* implement transmit power control for transmit
* implement SDCCH/8 on TS1-7 (Sylvain)
* implement frequency hopping
* proper split between synchronous and asynchronous part of L1 (Harald)
* TCH/F support (Dieter, after L3 RR/MM/CC is working)
* A5/1 and A5/2 encryption support

GSM Layer 2:
* implement a real layer2 that deserves the name (full LAPDm implementation)
* properly encapsulate / abstract the L1 "MPH" primitives so L3 doesnt
  call L1 directly anymore

GSM Layer 3:
* test most of the code that Andreas has written (depends on L1 / L2)

* SIM card driver + ISO7816 FS API
* Battery charger driver
* UI framework
* minimal journalling flash file system
* decide which RTOS kernel we want to use (Harald)
* fully support a working firmware build for the openmoko gta01/gta02 GSM modem
  using calypso romloader

For people who don't feel like they can take any of this work, there is some
other work, regarding the mid-term port to our next target platform:
* implement host utility for the medaitek MT622x romloader serial protocol
* try to get a minimal hello world codebase to run on the MT622x
* write hardware drivers for UART, PMU, I2C, SPI, ... of the MT622x

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