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Wolfgang Spraul wolfgang at
Mon Apr 19 07:21:40 UTC 2010


On Tue, Apr 13, 2010 at 05:26:20PM +0200, Harald Welte wrote:
> You can find the MTK reference schematics easily online - but not the
> various actual products that Chinese manufacturers build based on them.
> So those books are probably a really good idea.

oh well, your suspicion was correct.
The schematics I could find were all MTK reference schematics, not referring
to specific phone models. The reason seems to be that there is only a small
market for MTK phone repairs, most repair shops focus on phones that cost
150 USD and more. The typical MTK phone costs 20-80 USD so even in China not
much efforts are made to repair them.
The scans I have are 300 dpi, some details are not visible. I will do this in
better quality once I find more valuable data.
(I doubt any of this is new compared to what we already have on the other
servers pointed out, but I didn't check what is there yet...)

I went ahead and bought 5 different MTK phones:

1) QQ phone (looks like a penguin), ca. 60 USD, MT6225A, MT6188C, MT6318A, MT6601T
2) DaXian X968, ca. 35 USD, MT6223DA, SuperPix SP5369, can't identify (0943 11B, S, LRS18C8G)
3) JinPeng S3566, ca. 35 USD, MT6225A, MT6139BN, MT6318A, MT6601T
4) JinPeng S6811, ca 35 USD, MT6223DA, MT6139BN, SKY77518-21
5) CECT C3100, ca 20 USD, MT6223CA, MT6139BN, RDA6212+

The standard set of 5 test points I seem to find on all MTK phones are PWRKEY,
Beyond that test points are rare. The CECT C3100 had a few small ones right
next to the CPU (but under a soldered shielding case). Might be something
interesting but not sure yet.
I will continue to investigate the C3100,

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