PATCH: 5x8 font

Harald Welte laforge at
Sun Apr 11 05:48:51 UTC 2010

Hi Christian,

On Sat, Apr 10, 2010 at 05:46:48PM +0300, Christian Vogel wrote:
> But if we want to do it proper, I have a few question to you and the list:
>  - If we stick to multiple-of-8-high fonts (at least on the C128) we
>    can just blindly write at the proper location. The C155 (?) might
>    have different restrictions. Is this ok or should we try to support
>    arbitrary sized fonts?

we need arbitrary sized fonts :(

>  - If we want to support arbitrary sized fonts, we either should buffer
>    the display in RAM (might be wasteful on high res color displays?)
>    or read/modify/write over i2c (might be slow, occupy the bus for too
>    long). What's your opinion on that?

yes, we need a memory frame buffer that is periodically synchronized (if
any changes have happened) to the real device by means of a low-priority

>  - Which font-encoding should we use? I know that GSM 03.38 specifies
>    the encoding used for SMSs, but should we stick with that for
>    on-screen output? It's not ASCII compatible regarding []{}\...

I think we should use ASCII for screen output despite what the GSM
standard alphabet does.  libosmocore already has conversion functions I

> Note:
>   <steve|m> in IRC told me that prom is probably already working on that?
>   Is he reading the list? prom, can you confirm?

He's reading the list and the plan was to commit his unfinished code to
a branch in the repository.

> OK, I agree with that. Btw: fixing the topmost line in the 8x8 font
> will have to be done by whoever contributed the 8x8 font in the
> first place :-)

ah, ok, that would be me. I still have the perl script somewhwere that
was used to generate the code.

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