IRC Meeting proposal: Monday night 8pm CEST ?

Nathan Fain nat at
Sun Apr 11 13:22:33 UTC 2010

im game.  tomorrows meeting ill somewhere that i dont have free network
access.  will see if i can find a nearby cafe or something to use.  after
this week though ill be able to make mondays consistently.


On Thu, 8 Apr 2010 12:35:52 +0200, Harald Welte <laforge at>
> Hi all,
> On Tue, Apr 06, 2010 at 02:36:34AM +0000, Nathan Fain wrote:
>> IRC is fine.  weekly is perhaps more than i can bite at the moment so i
>> can get on biweekly for me but im sure plenty of other people would fit
>> the
>> weekly.  any day is fine by me.  
> ok, so I'd recommend we schedule it at something like 8pm CEST on every
> monday night.  Any objections to that schedule?
> The idea is that all developers are encouraged to hang out on IRC at
> that time, so people can ask questions as needed.  I will make sure to
> be there as often as possible.
> Regards,
> 	Harald


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