Get GPRS using Osmocom and UmTRX

Родион Гадыршин unigames2013 at
Mon Dec 19 13:18:06 UTC 2016

Hello, list.
My hardware is Umtrx v2.1 and I have already built GSM components:
  Osmo-trx (branch fairwaves/master)
  libosmocore (branch: master)
  libosmo-abis (branch: master)
  libosmo-sccp (branch: master)
  libosmo-netif (branch: master)
  openBSC (branch: fairwaves/master, I use OsmoNITB)
  osmoBTS (branch: fairwaves/master. Also did ./configure --enable-trx at the installation process)
So now SMS and calls work fine.
Then I want to get GPRS up. I use master branch of openggsn and master branch of osmo-pcu (osmo-sgsn is supplied with osmoNITN). But when I start osmo-pcu, it says: "PCU interface version number of BTS (5) is different (7). Please re-compile!". After that osmo-pcu aborts. Could you please tell me what branches to use for correct work of GPRS?

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