decoder/encoding tetra sample

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Amir Jr altobeta at
Fri Apr 18 03:25:47 UTC 2014

Hi Sebastian.

I have followed your instruction by using audacity  app. Then I have export
my record voice  into WAV(microsoft) 16 bits PCM.
It still produced the same result

./ccoder.exe sample.wav sample2.wav

Anything i miss?
Thanks for your reply.


On Fri, Apr 4, 2014 at 2:44 PM, sebastian.subik at <
sebastian.subik at> wrote:

>  Hi Amir,
>  Try to run the example within a debugger to identify the exact
> occurrence of the segmentation fault.
> If I remember correctly, the format is raw PCM, try to open the wav with
> an audiotool (e.g. Audacity) and save it as raw PCM.
>  Best Regards
> Sebastian
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> Sent in haste while not in the office.
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> Am 04.04.2014 um 06:44 schrieb "Amir Jr" <altobeta at>:
>    I have download one sample from osmocom speech codec
> I  have compiled it
> sucesssfully then the output "ccoder.exe"
>   and "cdecoder.exe" have been built. When i try to run the sample exe
> file using the command line, it show Segmentation fault (core dumped).
>  This is the how i'm running the sample
>  "./ccoder.exe sample.wav sample2.wav".
>  I'm very confusing about the input and the output file. What is the
> correct type file for input and the output.
>  Thank you for any respond
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