Sim card traffic is not shown in the simtrace-sniff application

Joe Koteyko pro100monetka at
Wed Jun 9 09:13:08 UTC 2021


We purchased your product (simtrace2) to produce sniff sim cards.

I did all the steps to install simtrace2 for HostPC (Preconditions,
Compiling, Accessing)

I made sure that the computer recognizes the simtrace2 device via the
simtrace2-list application.

But when the simtrace2-sniff application is launched, only the application
greeting, the usb device used and the inscription "Entering main loop" are
shown.  When sending messages to a sim card, the light indicators on the
simtrace2 board start to respond to this SMS, but nothing happens in the
output of the simtrace2-sniff application on the computer.

What could be the reason for this problem?
Please help me figure it out, if possible.

Best regards, Dmitry


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