Issue compiling simtrace branch firmware for simtrace2

hugh hugh at
Tue Jul 23 13:20:27 UTC 2019


Firstly - I am able to compile, flash and run the master branch of the 
software on my simtrace2 hardware without issues - thanks to all 

I wanted to try out the mitm and ccid with my simtrace2, and I *think* 
that the laforge/cleanup branch is the most recently worked on branch of 
developmental code, so I tried to compile that and ran into problems.

So far I have noticed two issues:

  1. Errors like this:
       error: implicit declaration of function 'board_exec_dbg_cmd';
     (which can be changed to a warning by removing the 
-Werror-implicit-function-declaration in the Makefile)
  2. This error:
       src_simtrace/main.c:81:40: error: 'PIN_PRTPWR_OVERRIDE' undeclared 
here ...
     (This error appears hard, as PIN_PRTPWR_OVERRIDE is only in 
include_board/qmod/board.h, and not in include_board/simtrace/board.h)

I guess I am doing something silly - but I just cannot see it. Can 
someone help?

By the way - am I correct in thinking that laforge/cleanup is the most 
recent/most worked on MITM code for the simtrace2?

Cheers Hugh

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