Current status of the SIMtrace project

E:V:A xdae3v3a at
Thu Mar 16 13:04:50 UTC 2017

Dear Osmocom,

I have been following your SIMtrace project for some time and wanted
to build and try a few things.
However, it seem that the project is abandoned since it has not been
updated on your Wiki for ages.
I know you guys are very busy with your many other and more
interesting projects and that this project is very old, but we would
still appreciate if you could at least try to keep your own GIT repo
updated with the stuff you are showing on the wiki. For example, I
cloned the SIMtrace and opened the schematics in KiCad only to find
that the schematic is several HW versions behind the currently shown
one. So my questions are:

1. Have you abandoned the project?

2. Where can I find/download the latest Firmware, KiCad (Schematics
and PCB) design files?

3. There is a related project on GitHub that are using SIMtrace.
However, the firmware there seem different. What is the current status
of the firmware? Are you involved in that development?

If your answer to (1) is a Yes, then perhaps it would be better to
publish your project to GitHub instead, so that other people can help
and take over the maintenance? This is actually a great idea,
reagrdless as your Redmine/cgit based git repo is very slow and hard
to navigate and the bug tracking of GH is superior in simplicity to
anything else freely available.

Kind Regards,

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