simtrace as a remote sim solution

pozsy at pozsy at
Tue Aug 15 21:07:15 UTC 2017

Hi All,

Just found this project which seems to be quite interesting to me. Tried 
to read through all the information on the project page before asking, 
but not everything is clear yet :)

So what I would like to achieve is basically the man-in-the-middle 
(mitm) mode. I do not actually need to modify any communication on its 
way, all I would like to do is to have:
a) the sim card in a reader connected to host (A), while
b) the gsm module is connected to an other host (B)
and relaying their communication back and forth through some IP network.

I guess I would need two pieces of simtrace hardware for that, as well 
as firmware and software modifications.

Now the questions :)
- Do you think this could work with the current hw/fw design?
- Has anyone done something similar in the past?
- What would be the maximum network delay allowed?
- Do you know of any alternative solutions for my needs?

Would be great to hear from you.


ps: I would also be willing to pay for professional consultancy services 
on this topic.

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