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Tue Nov 18 21:40:52 UTC 2014

Hi Harald

Thank you so much for working on this.  Since you have farmed out the formatting of the patches, and that I am less likely to have more time to work on this project, I am submitting all my git patches (11 of them so far) in a tgz format.  I believe #1 to #6 were already sent in the past, #7 to #10 might have been sent to the mailing list, but I know #11 has not yet been sent to you or the mailing list.  #1 to #10 were formatted as well as I could.  #11 combined many changes and is not formatted as well.  This is what my company currently use on all the board and we have not had any issues with it (GS5 / iPhone 6 / iPhone 5 etc).  Maybe the person volunteering to split/format the changes will combine this in.

Thank you so much.

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Dear Min Xu,
Dear simtrace community,

my sincere apologies for not getting around to merging your patches for
what turned out to become more than a year.  This is not intentional,
but running a small company under constant overload left me with very
little spare time and way too many neglected responsibilities towards
the community projects :(

I have finally taken some time to review, split/clean-up and merge the
your patches.  They are available in the 'minux-fixes' branch of
openpcd.git, where the simtrace firmware is maitained for historical

I didn't really (intend to) make any logical changes, but simply split
it up in much smaller chunks, making sure that each patch really only
addresses one issue, and also making sure that there are no unneeded
whitespace changes in the change log.

I have merged everything but the protocol change.  For that, in order to
have at least backwards compatibility from new host tools, we need to
use the interfaceVersion as indicated by Peter Stuge earlier in this
thread.  I hope to be able to look at that before yet another year

If anyone wants to help out, I would appreciate patches for the
following tasks:
* forward-porting of min xu's protocol changes, but
** ensuring that the openpcd bulds still use the old protocol
** only simtrace builds should use the new protocol
** increment the bInterfaceVersion (for the simtrace builds only),
   once the change is made in the protocol
* updating the simtrace host utility to check for bInterfaceVersion
  and provide code for both old and new protocol
* ensure that changes to quantity and size of req_ctx apply only to
  simtrace builds, not to openpcd builds.

Once all those issues are adressed, we can merge it into master.

Please send a short message to this list if any of you is working on the

p.s.: In other news, sysmocom has meanwhile produced and distributed
close to 700 simtrace units.  As it is a true open hardware project, we
may not know how many others have built it themselves, using the
schematics, bom and layout files provided.  I would have never guessed
that there are _that_ many people who have an interest in such an
absolute 'niche' device.   The only sad part is that despite that many
users, we didn't get as many contributions.  Neither on the wireshark
dissector side, nor on the firmware side.

- Harald Welte <laforge at> 
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