Fwd: Cellphone can't detect sim card

Tali Budur talibudur at gmail.com
Tue Jul 23 21:00:14 UTC 2013


I have built 2 units of simtrace hardware recently. All the components came
from digikey, I used the bom list from git. The PCBs are electrically

When I connected it to the pc, simtrace application can communicate with
the device and I can debug it via the FTDI connection. The problem is, when
I connect it to a cellphone, cellphone can not detect a sim card. Simtrace
can detect vcc on, vcc off and rst signals from the cellphone however,
cellphone can not detect the sim card. I used several different cell phones
and sim cards. I also checked the connection between the cellhpone and
simtrace. Couldn't find a problem.

May I kindly request your help to solve the problem?

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