[PATCH] add xtrx support

Csaba Sipos metro4 at freemail.hu
Mon Oct 19 19:27:10 UTC 2020

Dear Maintainers,

The attached patch adds XTRX SDR support to Gr-Osmosdr. It mostly contains the out-of tree patches added in the libxtrx branch here: https://github.com/xtrx-sdr/gr-osmosdr , also the patches upstreamed to be compatible with Gnu-Radio 3.8 and the latest master branch of gr-osmosdr.

It compiles and works fine with Gnu-Radio 3.8 and Gr-Osmosdr master (tested on Ubuntu 20.04.01 LTS 64bit).

Hopefully I will have time to test it against other Osmocom projects in the near future.

Please let me know if the patch needs any modifications or further work.

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