[patch]: add xtrx support

Sipos Csaba dchardware at gmail.com
Wed Nov 18 16:15:48 UTC 2020

Hi Eric,

Thanks for the answer.

I may be mistaken, but looking at the gr-osmosdr master here
http://cgit.osmocom.org/gr-osmosdr/ , I can't seem to find my xtrx support
patch merged. That is why I asked if there is any problem with it. Am I
looking at the wrong place?


Eric Wild <ewild at sysmocom.de> ezt írta (időpont: 2020. nov. 18., Sze,

> Hi Csaba,
> as far as I know I've merged that patch quite some time ago - it took
> some time because I've tried to give my fairly old xtrx prototype a go
> first.
> -Eric
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