libusb issue when opening device

Carl-Fredrik Enell fredrik at
Sun Jan 26 17:25:46 UTC 2020

Dear all,

I just subscribed to this list since I encountered an issue after
pulling the latest git commits.

 > lib: use interface 0 altsetting 1 instead of interface 1 ...
 > This makes osmo-fl2k work again with Linux 5.5.0-rc6 or later,

On my system (Debian stable, kernel 4.19) this change results in
"Error  enabling  IF 0  altsetting  1". Reverting  to  the
previous version (with Interface 1) solved the problem for me.

I will investigate a bit more whether it is related to kernel or
libusb versions. Or have I missed some other required configuration?

Best regards,
Carl-Fredrik SM2YHP
Carl-Fredrik Enell
Föraregatan 26B
SE-98139 Kiruna


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