Developing GNU Radio 3.8 support for gr-fosphor

Terry Ferrett terry.ferrett at
Thu Sep 26 00:21:00 UTC 2019

Hi everyone,

I've created a branch of fosphor with the goal of making it compatible with
GNU Radio 3.8 (specifically the maint-3.8 branch).  I've branched fosphor
My branch is located at

The changes are updates to the cmake scripts and modules, most of which are
derived directly from the 3.8 module porting guide located at
Development was performed in Ubuntu 18.04 with GNU Radio installed using
pybombs and Python 3 support as described at
and using a prefix-based GNU Radio install.  The updated fosphor branch has
been tested with NVidia and Intel OpenCL.  At this point GLFW works but QT
does not.

To build and install the updated fosphor branch, install GNU Radio 3.8 from
the maint-3.8 branch, install all dependencies as described at the fosphor
wiki, then execute
   git clone
   cd gr-fosphor
   git checkout gr38-qt5-aero
   mkdir build
   cd build
   cmake ..
   make install

I'm interested in the process for merging my updates back to the official
repository.  For instance, additional testing using different platforms
might be a good idea.

Terry Ferrett, Signal Processing and Estimation Engineer
The Aerospace Corporation <>, El Segundo, CA
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