Openwebrx and direct sampling mode crash

sm6hoc at sm6hoc at
Mon Jan 14 18:18:01 UTC 2019

Hi my friends
I'w got a problem wen install direct sampling mode. When install openwebrx everything is ok up and running.
The problem is when I install  the direct sampling mode (Have install 3 other and no problem). This is the
first Ubuntu 18.04. I copy the log here but it is only from startup script.

[openwebrx-main] Configuration script not specified. I will use: ""
[openwebrx-main] nmux_bufsize = 602112, nmux_bufcnt = 84
[openwebrx-main] Started rtl_thread: rtl_sdr -s 2400000 -f 144250000 -p 0 -g 5 -| nmux --bufsize 602112 --bufcnt
84 --port 4951 --address
[openwebrx-main] Waiting for I/Q server to start...
rtl_sdr: symbol lookup error: rtl_sdr: undefined symbol: rtlsdr_set_dithering
nmux: listening on
nmux: (main thread/for) end input stream, exiting.


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