gr3.7-qt5 --> CL Error: Unable to queue clear of spectrum buffer

Sylvain Munaut tnt at
Sat Dec 21 21:53:00 UTC 2019


> I attached the clinfo output about the version and capabilities of my hardware. Other than this, I am using the proprietary nvidia driver for linux (version 390) with kernel 4.15.0-62-generic, and gnuradio

Sure but you said you used fosphor previously on that machine. My
question was about the versions you were using back then, not the ones
you are running now.

> I tried to find that commit you are referring to, but it seems it is no in the git log (or at least I cannot find it). Can you take a look if it is correct?

Err sorry it's 306f197108d1a264bebea9f96ac22fa084d402fb



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