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The fact that you can use your RTL dongle as SDR device is because one
can *bypass* most of the digital logic (demodulator, decoder, stream
extractor…) and just get a raw IQ stream.
Decoding DVB-T in software is a really CPU-intense problem, due to
high-rate (in both senses of the word) channel coding, complex
synchronization, and high-order constellations used.

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On Sun, 2019-08-25 at 05:02 +0200, Ingo.Wolf at wrote:
> But isn't SDR demodulation in software?
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> Hi,
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> > can somebody confirm RTL-chip is not DVB-T2 capable not having 10MHz
> > bandwidth needed?
> The RTL2832U does not support DVB-T2 as it lacks the required
> demodulater hardware. On the RTL2832P, an external demodulator can be
> attached via a parallel MPEG TS interface. This is used by dongles
> manufactured by Astrometa, which attach a Panasonic MN88472 DVB-T2
> demodulator, see [1].
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> Steve
> [1]
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