Steve Markgraf steve at steve-m.de
Sat Aug 24 16:19:30 UTC 2019


On 24.08.19 12:14, Ingo.Wolf at gmx.de wrote:
> can somebody confirm RTL-chip is not DVB-T2 capable not having 10MHz
> bandwidth needed?

The RTL2832U does not support DVB-T2 as it lacks the required
demodulater hardware. On the RTL2832P, an external demodulator can be
attached via a parallel MPEG TS interface. This is used by dongles
manufactured by Astrometa, which attach a Panasonic MN88472 DVB-T2
demodulator, see [1].


[1] https://steve-m.de/pictures/rtl-sdr/rtl2832p_dvbt2/

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