Greg Troxel gdt at
Tue Apr 16 00:45:37 UTC 2019

Richard Frye <richard at> writes:

> If I write software that uses the rtlsdr library that is already installed
> on the computer, does my software also have to be opensource?


rtl-sdr and osmo-sdr both appear to be GNU GPLv2.

The standard interpretation is that if you create a derived work by
writing a program that uses those libraries, then distributing that
derived work requires permission from the copyright holders of the used
libraries.  And, that permission is only available if you license your
work under the same license, GPLv2.  That is the point of the license.

If you want to write software and not distribute it at all, that's
another matter, and the standard interpetation is that this is ok.

What are you trying to write, and what are you thinking about for
licensing, other than GPLv2?

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