fl2k_test sample rate speeds up on Windows

Francesco Gugliuzza fgugliuzza.mail at gmail.com
Sun Oct 14 12:34:10 UTC 2018

I encountered this strange behavior when running fl2k_test on Windows 7:
basically after a while the sample rate drifts and speeds up considerably.
Sometimes it even starts up directly like that.

In the command prompt I get:
Gugliuzza\Downloads\Sviluppo\FL2000fl2k_win_2018-08-09>fl2k_test.exe -s
Reporting PPM error measurement every 10 seconds...
Press ^C after a few minutes.
real sample rate: 146656386 current PPM: 62727 cumulative PPM: 62727
real sample rate: 150803676 current PPM: 92780 cumulative PPM: 77858
real sample rate: 149716182 current PPM: 84900 cumulative PPM: 80218
real sample rate: 150107883 current PPM: 87738 cumulative PPM: 82104
real sample rate: 150526750 current PPM: 90774 cumulative PPM: 83843

The same thing happens if I compile the latest osmo-fl2k myself using
I'm running everything on a laptop with an i7 4710HQ CPU and 8 GB of ram,
and I'm using a RayCue HDMI+VGA box.

Do you have an idea why the real sample rate drifts so much?


Francesco Gugliuzza
M.Sc. in Computer Engineering
Ph.D. Student at DIID, Università degli Studi di Palermo
Qualified to practice as a Professional Engineer
E-mail: fgugliuzza.mail at gmail.com
PEC: francesco.gugliuzza at pec.it
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