[PATCH] Fix inline functions to use 'static inline'

Pinky j-pi at seznam.cz
Thu Jun 28 18:50:43 UTC 2018

Hi all,

althought the argument about compiller is a bit strange the change is in
my opinion in right course. If the goal is to use those functions only in this
one particular .c file and not elsewhere, the good practice is to
limit scope by using static.

Can You please let us know how to reproduce behaviour You have

with best regards,

* Steve Markgraf <steve at steve-m.de> [2018-06-28 20:29:34 +0200]:

>Hi David,
>On 28.06.2018 17:43, David Woodhouse wrote:
>> With just 'inline', if the compiler decides not to inline them, it isn't
>> required to emit them at all. For some targets with -Os that is causing
>> build failures.
>"It isn't required to emit them at all" - What the heck, which compiler
>on earth does such horrible things?
>I've taken at look at the C99 standard for the function specifier
>'inline' and there is nothing that would justify such behaviour.
>Of course, if that's a bug with a specific compiler version we can merge
>that, but the explanation in the commit doesn't make any sense to me.

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