Osmo-FL2K stops transmitting randomly

Müller, Marcus (CEL) mueller at kit.edu
Wed Jun 13 19:06:32 UTC 2018

Hi Sajjad,

no, this issue doesn't seem related to any other topic that I can
remember lately – I've seen wonder why a non-transmitting test didn't
transmit, but no reports of sudden breakdowns.

Your video is about 13 minutes longer than I'd like – can you pinpoint
at which time in that video your transmission stops?

As usual, debugging on the side of the observing party might very well
be helpful here. Figure out whether the program halts (a software
debugger, e.g. gdb, would be the appropriate tool), the USB transfers
stop (wireshark might be helpful here), or whether just something
happens inside the device while the computer and software happily
continue to work. Observing the spectrum might help. Describe whether
the signal just disappears, or changes in a manner that makes reception
of DVB-T impossible. Isolate the sources of error – start with a much
less complex signal, typically a single sine wave that you can easily

All in all, what we'd need to help you is a complete error description.

Best regards,

On Wed, 2018-06-13 at 18:38 +0000, Sajjad Golchin poor wrote:
> Hi all,
> as some of you know Osmo-fl2k has a bothersome software issue that
> sometimes just stop transmitting without any good reason. in my case
> when I was transmitting WBFM sometimes it may stop transmitting. I
> mean the RF output will be interrupted completely without any error
> or warnings on screen and I should re-execute the commands to
> transmit again and this goes on and on. sometimes it may work without
> any issues for like 10 min and sometimes it may fail after just a few
> seconds. the problem also appeared in executing <fl2k_file> when I
> was transmitting DVB-T.
> you can watch this video to gain a better understanding: https://www.
> youtube.com/watch?v=G0tjzPHFFA8
> I have no idea if this issue been discussed earlier in the mailing
> list or not, anyway I didn't find anything useful by Googling.
> your comments and suggestions are greatly appreciated.
> Regards,
> Sajjad
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