fl2k - low samplerate/ no rf-output

JJ jjvonblack at riseup.net
Mon Jun 4 09:00:48 UTC 2018

> There is your problem .... it should say "Super Speed" for a USB3 device.
> There has been several reports that some low quality devices just are
> broken out-of-the-box ...
> Some with the super speed wires badly soldered or at the wrong place.
> Cheers,
>     Sylvain

Well, thanks for the explanation: that was a detail I didn't notice.
Yesterday I disassembled the adapter and found that the PCB looks like the one shown in the "Fixing OSMO-FL2K Dongle that only works in USB 2.0" article[1] (altough wired in a different way).
In my case the SuperSpeed wires were soldered fine but at the wrong place. Two wires, the blue and yellow, didn't even follow the the standard USB coloring (tested it with a cheap digital multimeter).
Here's the way my dongle has been wired:


- GREEN      | D+
- WHITE      | D-
- PURPLE     | SSTX-
- YELLOW     | SSRX-     (should be SSRX+)
- BLUE       | SSRX+     (should be SSRX-)
- ORANGE     | SSTX+


- RED        | VBUS
- BLACK      | GND

I've then attempted to rewire it but due to both my nearly inexistent soldering skills and the use of a very cheap welder ($10) I've managed to render it completely broken (the massive presence of hot glue didn't help).
Probably it would have been easier just to cut the wires and bind them together in the correct way without any resoldering (only using some insulating tape).

Does somebody knows any reputable source which sells the same device but not broken out-of-the-box?

[1]: http://tinyhack.com/2018/05/05/fixing-osmo-fl2k-dongle-that-only-works-in-usb-2-0/

Thanks again,

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