osmosdr::device::find fails to find Rfspace NetSDR on MacOS Sierra

dale ranta daleranta at icloud.com
Wed Feb 7 15:29:56 UTC 2018

 When I updated to MacOS Sierra osmosdr::device::find stopped finding my NetSDR. This short program shows the problem - 

	fprintf(stderr,"I am here\n");
	osmosdr::devices_t devs = osmosdr::device::find();
	for(int k=0;k<devs.size();++k){
		std::cerr << " k " << k << " "<< devs[k].to_string() << std::endl;
	fprintf(stderr,"I am done 2\n");
	src = osmosdr::source::make("rfspace=");

	fprintf(stderr,"I am done 3\n");

I am here
sdrplay=0,label='SDRplay RSP2 1707039B20'
 k 0 label='Realtek RTL2838UHIDIR SN: 00000001',rtl=0
 k 1 label='SDRplay RSP2 1707039B20',sdrplay=0
 k 2 hackrf,label='HackRF HackRF One'
 k 3 label='RFSPACE SDR-IQ Receiver',sdr-iq=/dev/ttyUSB0
 k 4 label='RFSPACE SDR-IP Receiver',sdr-ip=
 k 5 label='RFSPACE NetSDR Receiver',netsdr=
 k 6 cloudiq=,label='RFSPACE Cloud-IQ Receiver'
 k 7 driver=sdrplay,label='SDRplay Dev0 RSP2 1707039B20',soapy=0
 k 8 label='RTL-SDR Spectrum Server',rtl_tcp=localhost:1234
 k 9 label='Red Pitaya Transceiver Server',redpitaya=
 k 10 file=/path/to/your/file,freq=100e6,label='Complex Sampled (IQ) File',rate=1e6,repeat=true,throttle=true
I am done 2
gr-osmosdr v0.1.4-136-g49fb5538 (0.1.5git) gnuradio 3.7.11
built-in source types: file fcd rtl rtl_tcp sdrplay hackrf bladerf rfspace airspy soapy redpitaya 
Using RFSPACE NetSDR SN NS000448 option --DRS BOOT 107 FW 112 HW 100 FPGA 1/7 
I am done 3

The device::find routine locates the three other SDRs that I have plugged in, but not the netSDR. The source::make routine  however finds it without problem. Looking at the search routines, they are similar to the old ones in CuteSDR. Early last year the CuteSDR routines were revised and now work correctly to find the RFspace NetSDR on Sierra and High Sierra.


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