advice on ham radio operation

Joseph Hutchins jlhutchins at
Thu Dec 20 07:40:48 UTC 2018

Hi, after I make the appropriate bandpass filters, I wanted to attach the
device to an antenna and try some SSB HF, maybe 10 or 20 meter band. I
noticed there are no SSB examples and so I will need to write the program

I was contacting to ask if there is any reason that the examples use
standalone binaries to interact with the fresco chip rather than writing a
library for gnuradio. Did something about gnuradio make the fresco's
integration with it impractical? Would I be better off proceeding by
writing a gnuradio block for the Fresco sink or a standalone SSB-tx program?

The novelty of demonstrating that such a cheap setup is feasible really
appeals to me.


Joseph Hutchins
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