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Müller, Marcus (CEL) mueller at kit.edu
Sun Apr 29 10:09:19 UTC 2018

Hi Steve,

oh, I've been missing that :) will advance the git commit pointer, and
fix versioning tomorrow.

Thanks for all the cool work!

Best regards,

On Sat, 2018-04-28 at 22:29 +0200, Steve Markgraf wrote:
> Hi Marcus,
> On 27.04.2018 13:34, Müller, Marcus (CEL) wrote:
> > Now, I'm not the author, and I'd hate to be the one to define
> > today's
> > git head as version 1, or something like that, but I honestly think
> > that it's worth encouraging tagging of a release (as it would make
> > it
> > easy to refer to things like "hey, that used to work with,
> > but
> > broke in", or include it with other software etc).
> > 
> > Would it be very annoying to kindly request that you add a version
> > tag,
> >  and to even brazenly recommend semver.org as versioning scheme?
> Actually the cmake Version module was already in place and set to
> version 0.1git - it just didn't work properly because an initial tag
> was
> missing. As Debian and SuSe already used 0.1.0 as version, I've now
> tagged a 0.1.1 release and advanced to 0.1git again. The version
> module
> now seems to work as expected, I now get "Version: v0.1.1-1-g2ff7".
> Best Regards,
> Steve
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