Added Bias T set / get to API

Lucas Teske lucas at
Mon Feb 20 22:05:37 UTC 2017

So since there are now three radios (that I know) that has a hardware
Bias T support (HackRF, RTLSDR, Airspy) I added a set_biast and
get_biast methods to the default Source API. I also added Airspy and
HackRF bindings to enable / disable Bias T. The RTLSDR isn't merged into
mainstream, so I didn't added anything.

There is also the default implementations (doing nothing for set, and
returning false for get), so no breaks on the current source or current

Lucas Teske
Teske Virtual System

GPG: 4A90 974B ACE0 A9A6 AF09 B3B1 6C39 C1C1 6A9D A7BE

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