Moving from trac to a single redmine

Sylvain Munaut 246tnt at
Sat Sep 24 14:01:52 UTC 2016


> * not modify trac sites but use redirect of nginx

I've just put this in place for '' :

rewrite ^/trac/wiki/(.*)/(.*)$
$scheme://$1$2 redirect;
rewrite ^/trac/wiki(.*)$ $scheme://$1 redirect;

This seems to work fairly well. I'm sure there are some exceptions to
those regexps, but I couldn't find any immediately. If we uncover them
we can try to tweak them or just handle them manually.

I've set them to temporary (302) redirects for now. Once we're a
little more confident that this works well, this can be changed to
301s and extended to all the other old domains.

If you find any case where those fails, please report.



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