r820t2 based receiver raw samples ?

Steve Markgraf steve at steve-m.de
Fri Oct 28 21:45:18 UTC 2016

Hi Jean-Michel,

On 28.10.2016 08:07, Jean-Michel FRIEDT wrote:
> (150 mV amplitude, 100 kHz) but still no baseband signal, and on the FFT
> of the osmosdr output I still see the spectrum of the FM band when tuning
> to 100 MHz rather than the samples from the (initially unconnected) Q
> input.

The problem is that by enabling the direct sampling mode, the RTL2832
is forced to low-IF mode and only one ADC is enabled.

For your purpose, the device needs to be in zero-IF mode, which
normally wouldn't be used if a low-IF tuner like the R820T is attached.

Please see the attached patch, if you call rtlsdr_set_direct_sampling
with 1 after applying it should work.

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