post a new release

Lucas Teske lucas at
Wed Mar 2 23:40:46 UTC 2016

Why do you think that it will not happen soon?

I would love to check all of these ports and make some tests testing the 
implementations of each one for the cases I can test.

Also I will take a look on your fork as well. I was going to modify gqrx 
to support this new library, and then I notice that it does not use it. 
It uses the old osmocom plugin. I'm thinking how to proceed with that. I 
would love to have a Graphical Interface like SDR# but OSS and fully 


Em 02/03/2016 14:13, Alexander Kurpiers escreveu:
> I agree that the official code lacks proper manual gain control - but I
> would still prefer some nice presets. Being able to adjust the internal
> gain controls of the tuner chips to me is a bonus (as you really need to
> know what you are doing).
> As many others, I've started my fork (current version
>, which among other
> things includes manual gain settings optimized for E4000 and R820T
> (optimization done by Leif Asbrink for Linrad). Something like this is
> badly needed for applications that cannot use the automatic gain control.
> There are many other forks with interesting features and there seems
> lots of duplicate work... I would love to see these merged back into the
> official release, but I actually do not believe this is going to happen
> any time soon.
> Regards,
> Alexander
> On 03/02/2016 02:35 AM, Lucas Teske wrote:
>> Btw, I made some changes (I merged some changes from a fork of rtlsdr
>> that allows manual control of the VGA, LNA, Mixer Gains) and added a
>> Debian Package Generator.
>> I just don't know how relevante is Debian Package Generator (also it
>> is sort of incomplete).
>> Should I make a PR to the oficial github with the changes of the VLM
>> Gains? Here is the commit:
>> It is very helpfull for me to get NOAA APT Signals adjusting manually
>> each gain.
>> Regards,
>> Lucas
>> PS: Sorry Henk, I sent only to you.
>> Em 29/02/2016 14:34, Henk escreveu:
>>> Oeps, sorry forgot to quote the original post of joseph.
>>> +1
>>> Hmm in my opinion rtl_sdr is the next best thing since the invention
>>> of canned beer :) since it liberated the airwaves for allot of users.
>>> Regards,
>>> henk
>>> On Sun, Feb 28, 2016 at 7:11 PM, Joseph Poirier <jdpoirier at>
>>> wrote:
>>>> If would be nice to have a newer official release available;
>>>> installation
>>>> using the package manager on many Linux distros gets a two year old
>>>> librtlsdr that's missing the rtlsdr_set_tuner_bandwidth function (added
>>>> about nine months ago), as well as, other nice updates and fixes.
>>>> cheers,
>>>> joe

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