Moving from trac to a single redmine

Sylvain Munaut 246tnt at
Fri Feb 5 20:57:12 UTC 2016


>> I think some of us would like to move to redmine and start using
>> public tickets more frequently. So in case we move there are some
>> topics to be discussed and I would like to start with a couple of them
>> right now.

+1 for redmine.

>> In terms of installations the GMR trac is broken in regard to tickets,
>> there are some for SDR that are probably not being fixed anytime soon,
>> baseband might be relevant and OpenBSC is unlikely to be relevant. I
>> don't think we have ever used ticket reference in OpenBSC commit
>> messages so in terms of OpenBSC having changing ticket numbers would
>> not be a big deal. E.g. we could add a custom field with the old trac
>> number?
> If there is automatic import/conversion available, I'd prefer to import
> the OsmocomBB, SIMtrace, (non-spam) Security and OpenBSC tickets, even
> though most of them are probably stale and outdated for years.  They're
> still part of the history.   Changing the numbers doesn't matter, as we
> don't refer to them.

- OsmocomBB never used tickets AFAIK.
- OsmocomGMR definitely never used them
- OsmocomSDR ... don't think it's worth importing.
- Security ... yeah maybe, although not really sure anyone is really using this.

>> We have external references that should be redirected to the new
>> place. Is there any way besides maintaining a list in the
>> apache2/nginx configuration and making redirects as we find broken
>> references? Can we proactively manage this? Is anybody willing to come
>> up with a script and nginx configuration for doing this?
> I'm not aware of any tools that might be able to help here.
> Indeed, it would be great if anyone would volunteer to generate a script
> to generate the redirects.

script ?

The page names should be the same, so it should pretty much be just a
few redirects per project with regexp to redirect properly.
Shouldn't be too hard once we settled for a URL scheme.

Any reason not to go for just as a base ?  We have
nothing really in the front page and we could just let redmine handle
it too.

Then just  looks good to
me if doable.



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