Moving from trac to a single redmine

Holger Freyther holger at
Thu Feb 4 07:12:19 UTC 2016

Hi guys,

I think some of us would like to move to redmine and start using public tickets more frequently. So in case we move there are some topics to be discussed and I would like to start with a couple of them right now.


Redmine has a global linear sequence of ticket numbers. If we move from many tracs to a single redmine we can either:

	* not import tickets
	* only import from one project
	* deal with changing ticket numbers

In terms of installations the GMR trac is broken in regard to tickets, there are some for SDR that are probably not being fixed anytime soon, baseband might be relevant and OpenBSC is unlikely to be relevant. I don't think we have ever used ticket reference in OpenBSC commit messages so in terms of OpenBSC having changing ticket numbers would not be a big deal. E.g. we could add a custom field with the old trac number?


We have external references that should be redirected to the new place. Is there any way besides maintaining a list in the apache2/nginx configuration and making redirects as we find broken references? Can we proactively manage this? Is anybody willing to come up with a script and nginx configuration for doing this?

kind regards

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