[PATCH] gr-osmosdr: add set_bandwidth and independent gains via extended_mode

Sylvain Munaut 246tnt at gmail.com
Wed Dec 28 12:09:36 UTC 2016


> the following patch rely on librtlsdr fork on github.  I would like to
> receive feedback on what
> is the best option to backport the commit:
> https://github.com/librtlsdr/librtlsdr/commit/25d0e8e6737b93b3564ad04d0fd2cd5e91cefa8b

There is so many things wrong with this patch that I don't even know
where to start :

 - Rename a function to _old and then not use it ... wtf ... if it's
not used, remove it, don't leave it there for posterity's sake, that's
why we have source revision control !
 - r82xx_set_gain now has 3 completely distinct operating modes for no
good reasons ... just make 3 distinct functions and call the right
one. Everywhere that function is called the "mode" params are
fixed/hardcoded ...
 - Introduces a new API rtlsdr_set_tuner_gain_ext which has hard coded
calls to R820T functions without the appropriate tuner type
indirections and without appropriate fallbacks or error code if the
dongle uses a tuner not supporting the 'ext' mode.

Seriously people wonder why those don't get upstream, but I apply this
and my E4k dongle might just not work or plain crash with any app
using that new API ...



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