minor bug in gr-osmosdr's gnuradio-osmosdr.pc.in?

Cinaed Simson cinaed.simson at gmail.com
Mon Dec 26 20:21:45 UTC 2016

The include directory in gnuradio-osmosdr.pc.in


ends up pointing to


when the file gnuradio-osmosdr.pc is installed in $prefix/lib/pkgconfig.

But it appears the include files for gnuradio-osmosdr.pc are installed in


When I attempted to build software using gr-osmosdr outside of the
gnuradio tree, I had to add the subdirectory ./osmosdr to the include
path in gnuradio-osmosdr.pc otherwise cmake complained it couldn't find
the gnuradio-osmosdr includes.

Since it appears to build


without the subdirectory osmosdr added to the include path, I'm not
really sure what's going on.

-- Cinaed

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