compiling rtl-sdr on win10 with qtcreator

Hayati Ayguen h_ayguen at
Fri Dec 16 21:04:50 UTC 2016

Hi Luigi,
i had created the CMakelist below the librtlsdr/tree/master/win32-qtcreator
subdirectory. You should directly open the CMakelist from here in qtcreator.

I just needed the first non commented line setting LIBUSBBASE:

# edit this path
SET( LIBUSBBASE C:/src/_foreign/libusb-1.0.20 )

Everything else comes from/with the qt/creator installation including mingw.

For me quite important is the FULL_STATIC Build option,  that the result does not need any gcc/libusb or pthread dlls.

Kind Regards, 

Hayati Aygün <h_ayguen at>

Am 16. Dezember 2016 16:33:00 MEZ, schrieb Luigi Tarenga <luigi.tarenga at>:
>hello Hayati,
>thanks for the feedback. unfortunately I cannot find the commended
>lines you mention.
>just to be clear, I cloned rtl-sdr git and I'm at commit
>I solved the problem editing  cmake/Modules/FindLibUSB.cmake
>I addeded c:/..blablabla../libusb/include/libusb-1.0  and
>in the find_path() and find_library() blocks respectively.
>I'm now trying to figure out how add pthread-win32 to the qt mingw (I
>have installed libpthread in
>the mingw directory used for compiling libusb but qtcreator seems to
>have its own mingw environment
>and the latter one is missing pthread-win32 ... )
>On Fri, Dec 16, 2016 at 2:52 PM, Hayati Ayguen <h_ayguen at> wrote:
>> Hi Luigi,
>> i modified the pathes in the CMakeLists.txt for mingw/qtcreator for
>compilation. Think, i commented it in the head of the file.
>> Kind Regards,
>> Hayati
>> ---
>> Hayati Aygün <h_ayguen at>
>> Am 16. Dezember 2016 13:18:58 MEZ, schrieb Luigi Tarenga
><luigi.tarenga at>:
>>>I'm trying to build rtl-sdr on win10. I choosed to use mingw and
>>>I installed:
>>>cmake 3.7.1
>>>qtcreate 4.2.0
>>>mingw32 (to build libusb)
>>>I compiled libusb with mingw32 and automake and installed in
>>>Now I'm trying to find out how to generate make files for rtl-sdr
>>>the folder where I installed libusb (library and header) in
>>>I don't understand if I have to modify CMakeLists.txt or there is
>>>gui to enter
>>>the correct parameter. I have even to find out if I have to explicit
>>>variable LIBUSB_PKG_INCLUDE_DIRS or what...
>>>running cmake (from qtcreator) returns with error that I'm missing
>>>libusb and libpthread.
>>>I think that once I can solve the problem for libusb I will be able
>>>solve even the one of
>>>libpthread. can someone help me in this phase?

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