Example of Setting Auto Gain

john john at tonebridge.com
Wed Dec 7 01:12:50 UTC 2016


I am not sure how to set auto gain on a RTL dongle.   I ran across this 
which I think should be what I need:


 From that page:

|<param> <name>Ch$(n): Gain Mode</name> <key>gain_mode$(n)</key> 
<value>False</value> <type>bool</type> <hide>\#if \$nchan() > $n then 
'none' else 'all'#</hide> <option> <name>Manual</name> <key>False</key> 
</option> <option> <name>Automatic</name> <key>True</key> </option> 
</param> |

However it is not clear what I need to pass to make auto gain happen.


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