build/compiling gr-osmosdr airspy error

Andreas Ladanyi andreas.ladanyi at
Fri May 29 13:39:03 UTC 2015

Hi Marcus,

yes i use ubuntu 14.04  armhf on odroid, so an apt-get / deb based system.

On an Ubuntu 14.10 i686_64 the complete installation of gnuradio and 
gr-osmosdr with pybombs works perfectly.

Dimitri told me that i have to install a new airspy lib. So i think the 
airspy lib of 14.04 armhf in the repo. is too old.

If i have a look at the ubuntu package database i could see airspy 
packages for ubuntu 14.10 and 15.04 but nothing for 14.04.

Now i installed archlinux for arm on odroid which is the supported OS 
from the gnuradio community for embedded devices. It works like a charm 
after installing some additional packages.

> Dear Andreas,
> the airspy pybombs recipe installs the distribution's "airspy" package,
> if you're using an apt-get based distribution (debian, ubuntu), and if
> you have deb selected as preferred method (which is the default), and
> it's not listed when you run
> ./pyboms config forcebuild
> Best regards,
> Marcus

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