gr-fosphor: error: work group size exceeds the maximum default value for the selected device (AMD HD 5450)

Sylvain Munaut tnt at
Fri Feb 27 13:01:45 UTC 2015


> Thanks mate, with your patch its working all right :-)

Great. I'll see if I can make it part of the mailine code so you don't
have to mess around with patch.

> With Tom, we talked about a feature wich would be nice to have: a 10ms trigger so we can see something like this:
> What do you think about it?

I'm not exactly sure what you mean with the above picture.

But something I'm thinking about it to have a return channel from the
fosphor block that would basically feedback 'timestamps' of when the
real time spectrum went above a given mask.

Then I'm also working on another piece of code that's oriented toward
"off-line" signal browsing (so it works on a time-limited number of
samples rather than a continuous stream). And when a trigger event is
hit, it would basically send off that chunk of sample to that other
blow for viewing / browsing.

I want them to be separate because the architecture of fosphor is
oriented toward high rate real time display and so I have to sacrifice
some other aspects to meet that. The other signal browsing block would
be coded more with flexibility in mind.
So in the end you'd have one display that represent the real-time of
what's being recorded _right_now_ by your SDR, and then a second
display that shows the last trigger event and allows you to browse
around it, a bit like a scope does for time signals.



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