Cmd structure for rtl_tcp

jmaurin at jmaurin at
Tue Dec 29 00:26:22 UTC 2015

Hi List!

I'm new here, so I hope I'm asking for help in the right place. I'm 
trying to build and application that read I/Q data from rtl_tcp using 
Delphi. For beginning, I'm trying to set some params for rtl_tcp using 
my remote app. I found the source code of rtl_tcp and I could identify 
some information about what is each command, like 0x01 (hex) is to set 
frequency, 0x02 to set sample, etc....
What I don't undertand is the structure of parameters. Each parameter is 
one byte? If not, how parameters are sent? Do I need to send char to end 
command, like end of line or carrier return? Is not, what's the correct 
structure for sending commands?

For example:
For setting gain, send one byte with 0x04 and another byte indicating 
the gain index.

Jonis Maurin Ceará

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