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Sorry guys, the Github link I gave was invalid.  I believe this should work:


On Thu, Feb 27, 2014 at 11:42 PM, Scott Cutler <scott at scottcutler.net>wrote:

> Greetings, all--
> A while back I asked some questions about licensing of the rtl-sdr
> libraries, especially with regard to use with non-GPL software.  At the
> time, I was told that the ExtIO libraries were considered an acceptable
> use-case.
> My code has been in development, and for various reasons--the largest
> being the desire for transmit support--I have developed my own HW
> abstraction layer called SDRIO.  At the moment, I support rtl-sdr, bladeRF,
> and Funcube Dongle devices via the abstraction layer.  The layer will, of
> course, be GNU licensed and thus free for anyone to modify or extend.
> My intent is thus for SDRIO to live in the same niche as ExtIO and thus
> have the blessings of the developers.  I'm aware that you cannot give legal
> advice; my hope is only that, if someone comes to me saying I violated the
> rtl-sdr license, that at least I can tell them that I've talked with the
> lead developers and that they've given me the same permissions as the ExtIO
> developers.
> I have placed the code here in case anyone wishes to look at the current
> state (though please note that the text of the licensing is not yet
> finished):
> https://github.com/spcutler/SDRIO/blob/master
> The SDRIO_RTLSDR module is quite thin and I hope does not give the
> impression that SDRIO is just supposed to be a wrapper.  If you look at the
> other devices, you can see that they require more code and that the project
> as a whole is quite a bit more than a wrapper.
> Thank you for your time!
> -Scott
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