receiving specturm range

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Mon Feb 17 02:25:30 UTC 2014

   I just use the the RTL2832U and Rt820t  dongle to scan the wireless and draw the specturm of what i get.
   But i find the data i calculate is never bigger than -46dbm also never smaller than -63dbm.Is that the dongle's
  receiving ability is just like that?
  By the way, here is how i test the dongle:
  1、i turn on a basestaion
  2、i used the gsm module to detect the power of basestaion nearby,i get about -20dbm as the biggest
  3、i used the dongle which i set its working frequency to the frequency that basestaion used 
  4、i calculate the spectrum using the data return by dongle(honestly, i used the rtl_power to calculate)
  the result i calculate is never big than -46dbm,what a difference from the result from gsm module.
  So i wonder whether the dongle's receiving abllity is just ordinary or the way i calculate is wrong?
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