bug report

Al Smith sdradio65 at gmail.com
Thu Feb 13 20:35:58 UTC 2014

I'm getting some errors when using gnuradio-companion with the osmocom
source that I think might be a bug related to this patch:

This is the output I get:

Using Volk machine: avx_32_mmx_orc

gr-osmosdr v0.1.0-66-g154c4ddd (0.1.1git) gnuradio 3.7.1

built-in source types: file fcd rtl_tcp bladerf rfspace

[bladeRF source] Using nuand LLC bladeRF #0 SN 909d...c10c FW v1.6.1 FPGA

Failed to set out of bound frequency: 1.37912e+08


When I look at the patch in the commit I linked above that error relates to
setting the input frequency.  There are 2 expected parameters
get_freq_range( chan ).start() get_freq_range( chan ).stop() but in the GUI
osmocom source there is only Ch0 Frequency (center) and Ch0 Bandwidth, both
of which I have set.  I don't see a way to define the start and stop
frequency which seems to be generating this error.
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