how to build gr-osmosdr for GnuRadio wheezy-raspbian distribution on Raspberry Pi

Murat Toloğlu mtologlu at
Mon Feb 10 14:44:05 UTC 2014

Hi All,


I have easily and smoothly installed GnuRadio on Raspberry Pi with
this procedure:


1.       Add the following entry to the /etc/apt/sources.list file:

deb jessie main contrib
non-free rpi 

(reboot after modification)


2.       sudo apt-get update


3.       sudo apt-get install gnuradio


Installation completed in about 1 hour and GnuRadio together with GnuRadio
Companion Works on my RPi.


However, when it comes to build Gr-Osmosdr trouble starts. I couldn't pass
the CMAKE stage of Gr-Osmosdr build process.


I remembered and applied the classical "export PATH, PYTHOPATH,
LD_LIBRARY_PATH, PKG_CONFIG_PATH correction" and added necessary lines at
the end of ./.bashrc . My install directory was /usr (without /local) !??
anyway I've added /usr/bin, /usr/lib ..etc. to appropriate places but this
couldn't be a solution.


Cmake couldn't  find GnuradioConfig.cmake file, I found this file of the
same version on my other computer running without problem and copied the
missed file into correct directory on Rpi. This couldn't be the solution


Then, Cmake couldn't locate gnuradio-runtime.pc file, similarly I copied
gnuradio-runtime.pc of same version from another computer to RPi but this
couldn't be a solution either.


Now I get the same error message of this : (Unable to compile out of tree
projects due to wrong FindGnuradio.cmake)


I am really tired. I have enough experience on installing - uninstalling
Gnuradio building from the source, I have made this install uninstall
building process several times but I am first time trying installation of a
built gnuradio.   


Is there a way of recovering the existing install and continue building out
of tree projects ?


I appreciate your help,


Kind regards 73

Murat TA1DB


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