OsmoDevCon 2014 / Date / Venue

Harald Welte laforge at gnumonks.org
Tue Nov 5 15:58:25 UTC 2013

Hi all,

time is moving fast, and I want to start some initial discussion and
planning for OsmoDevCon 2014.

There are basically four questions which I'm raising below.  Please
provide your feedback to the osmocom-event-orga mailing list only, to
avoid cross-posting over all the project lists.

= Who? =

My intention is to keep it an 'active developer/contributer only' event,
like we had it before.  I would also want to keep the group relatively
small, to keep the 'Osmocom family' atmosphere.

If desired, we could have one half or full day of public prsentations in
a larger auditorium, but the developer meeting should be a close group,
as known so far.

= Where? =

If we keep the number of attendees within the same range as this year,
then I'm sure we could again hold it at the same venue.   I know it is
not perfect, but it is a place that we have access to, 24 hours per day,
and free of cost for community projects like osmocom.org.

If the community wants a larger event, then this is something that would
require more funds and much more time organizing.  And that is something
that I personally could not offer to take care of, sorry.  I'm happy to
attend and support any larger events, but I'm unable to take care of
fundraising and venue research.

= When? =

Q1/2014.  In January, I'm not aware of any 'blocker' events.  February,
there is Fosdem (Feb 1 + Feb 2), and MWC from Feb 24 through Feb 27.  In
March there is CeBIT (March 10-14) and Easter holidays (with EasterHegg
March 17-21).  Did I miss any other FOSS / mobile event that might clash
in Q1?

So my preference woudl be to do it either late January (23-26) or in
February (6-9 or 13-16).  Any preferences regarding preferred schedule?
Once we have some concencus here on the list [and we want to do it in
the same size / venue], I'll talk to IN-Berlin.

= What? =

I think that question is easy to answer, if we have the above three
figured out...  There's no shortage of topics, I suppose.

You can start adding your suggestions to


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