rtl_tcp problem or not?

Favati smile_k at libero.it
Fri May 17 15:59:42 UTC 2013

> Run 'vmstat 1' in a different terminal on the RPi while running
> stuff, and paste the first dozen lines? (You can just CTRL-C
> vmstat after this)
> I ran rtl-tcp a while ago on the RPi and it was really pushing
> the limits of the IO bandwidth and CPU, but there has been a
> lot of optimisation in the RPi stack kernels etc since. Using a
> USB network interface would just push the RPi's limited USB IO
> even harder.
> Reducing the samplerate for rtl-tcp might help a bit if you
> aren't looking at a wideband signal.
> David

I've run vmstat 1, but nothing special change when the problem occour.
The cpu NEVER goes more than 50%.
Lowering the samplerate didn't change anything (except a very little cpu 
load lowered).

Still investigating...if someone have some ideas to let me try.... :)

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